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The Walnut Creek Series, which launches in February with the enovella Friends to the End, is very close to my heart. Yes, it’s an Amish series set in Holmes County, a place I know well. But beyond the bonnets and the buggies, it’s a series about how complex yet rewarding friendship can be. The central characters are a group of men and women in their mid-twenties who reunite after one of their own dies suddenly.

This group, The Eight, are a varied lot. Some are Amish, some Mennonite, and a couple are even English. They treat each other the way I know many folks in the ‘real’ Walnut Creek area do-their differences don’t keep them from connecting with one another.   

That’s why-to me at least-this series isn’t just a new Amish set of romances. The books tackle larger subjects and focus on people who are struggling with disappointments, celebrating achievements, longing for things just out of their reach…and yes, simply enjoying life. The Eight’s lives aren’t perfect and everything doesn’t always turn out the way they’d planned. However, they are there for each other and know that God is with them, too.

I hope you enjoy these stories. Some, like Friends to the End, are short e-novellas. Others, like The Patient One, (April’s release) are full length novels. My hope is that you’ll find one or two of the characters to root for. Or, maybe you’ll even find yourself cheering for the entire Eight. I know I did!  

Happy reading!